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Никогда не скрывал, кто мой отец”. В Минск прилетел младший сын Че Гевары —

Source: 12 часов перелета из Гаваны в Амстердам, затем еще два часа из Амстердама в Минск — и вот он — живой, абсолютно реальн

Cuba: Che Guevara’s Son Ernesto offers tours on Harley-Davidson motorcycles

Source: The youngest son of Argentine-born Cuban revolutionary Ernesto "Che" Guevara is behind a tourism initiative that offers expeditions around the Communist-ru


Source: Local dishes: Cuban cuisine is a mix of Spanish and African influences. Dishes like Moros y Cristianos (meaning "Moors and Christians", a combination of black beans and rice), arroz con pollo (chicken and rice) and picadi

Cuba circuit harley

Source: La première semaine, nous découvrons l’ouest de l’île, du côté de Vinales. Nous côtoyons une famille cubaine, profitons des plages enchanteresses, le tour moto

Kari Korvenranta, Finland

Cuba, motorbikes and interesting guide was a combination I couldn’t resist. I took apart to one week trip with Finnish group February 2018. We had several highlights at the trip, but simply best of all were Cuba and Cubans. Both of them was easier to get to know on bike

Warum Kuba? Chirstian Gabriel, Austria

Why Cuba? Because I have heard so much positives and interesting things about Cuba, because I wanted to discover the amiability and helpfulness by my own, because I simply wanted to enjoy this county. Though good friends I was informed about La Poderosa Tours - motorbike

What a great trip. Bob Laidlaw, Scotland

What a great trip and one I will never forget. Never been to Cuba and so glad I did. To see this amazing place on a Harley, in the company of other likeminded people was simply ace.  I didn't know any of them as was a solo traveller. Within 24 hours the group from Finl

Henk Janssen, Netherlands

In 2018 my wife and I joined the Fuser 2 trip. It was a really fantastic experience. Riding through Cuba together with Ernesto, Camilo and the rest of the group, all on iconic Harley Davidson motorcycles, made it an unforgettable experience. Since this trip we are still i

Auf Motorradtour mit Che Guevaras Sohn

Source: Ziemlich genau 50 Jahre nach dem Tod seines Vaters steht Ernesto Guevera auf der Plaza de la Revolución in Havanna. Hinter ihm, an der Fassa

Alain et Gaby, Chantal et Guy, Eliane et Eric , Suiza

A vous tous, nos amis de La Poderosa Tours, Voici quelques mois déjà, depuis notre voyage en mai 2016 à Cuba, que nous avons repris nos habitues en Suisse et pourtant, il ne se passe pas une semaine sans que nous ayons des souvenirs de notre escapade avec l’é