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Craige and Carla

Craige and Carla (South Africa/Portugal)

Maria, Ernesto and Camillo, thank you for making this a trip of a lifetime and going the extra mile to make it so special.The comfort of the Harley, the incredibly helpful crew on tour, the delicious food, the amazing accommodation and the history we learned along the way,

Gabriel de la Cerda/Mexic

Gabriel de la Cerda/Mexico

En solo dos palabras EXCELENTE TODO. un profesionalismo de 1a y la atención personal inigualable felicitaciones! Una atención profesional que sobrepasa el Servicio y lo lleva a la calidad de Amistad. Felicitaciones a todo el grupo Mary Elena, Ernesto, Camilo, Frank y Yu

Brandon Melton

Brandon Melton / Hendersonville, North Carolina/USA

Three years ago, I toured Cuba with Che Guevara's youngest son, Ernesto ("Che's Kid Hits the Road"). Along with Ernesto's closest friend, Camilo and our incomparable tour guide, Inalvis ("rhymes with Elvis", Ina would say), five Americans and four Europeans rode new Harley D

Your own Motorcycle Diaries: touring Cuba with Che Guevara’s son

Fuente: t’s a sunny morning in Trinidad, Cuba, and in front of a row of brightly painted colonial houses, a vintage Harley Davidson is attracting admiring glances. But a newer Harley pa

Un hijo de Che Guevara vende circuitos en moto por Cuba

Fuente: 04-17-2017 14:03 El hijo menor del guerrillero Ernesto "Che" Guevara ha abierto una agencia de viajes en Cuba que ofrece a los clientes viajar por la isla comunista en moto, perpetu

Ernesto Guevara: How my father inspired my Cuban motorcycle tours

Source: By Will Grant Cuba correspondent, BBC News 9-Oct-17 Hay veces en el que el parecido familiar es misterioso. Barba descuidada, nariz inconfundible… Las similitudes del padre con el hijo se extie

Tom Agnes, USA

I can't say enough about my excellent experience with La Poderosa! From the moment that I was greeted exiting the plane, every possible need was attended to. Maria, in the office, Ernesto, Camillo and Jan as our dailey guides in our little Harley caravan were all focused on

Richard Christine Hayes, Uk

The best possible way to see Cuba!!!! TheTour is fantasticaly organised. With a great choice of modern Harley's to choose from, all in perfect condition. Ernesto and Camilo did a wonderful job of leading us through the varied terrain of Cuba…as well as entertaining us at

Rüdiger Fischer, Germany

After a long time I wanted to do a motorcycle tour again in latin america. I was choosing between two different tours (the Enduro-Tour in colombia or the Harley-Tour on Cuba). Finally I took the La Poderosa-Tour on Cuba, because of the good comments. Before my anticipatio

Jakob Frolich, Denmark

After having spend a couple of days with Ernesto and Camillo, I can only give them my highest recommendation. Riding with those guys was an absolute blast. They were fun, charming, but also experienced drivers, that one would always feel safe around. Its a completely di