Your own Motorcycle Diaries: touring Cuba with Che Guevara’s son


t’s a sunny morning in Trinidad, Cuba, and in front of a row of brightly painted colonial houses, a vintage Harley Davidson is attracting admiring glances. But a newer Harley parked behind it, outside a guesthouse, probably has a more interesting story: it belongs to Ernesto Guevara, son of revolutionary hero Che.

Ernesto runs motorbike tours of Cuba and today, before setting off for the mountains and beach, he’s having breakfast in the guesthouse courtyard with his group. Wearing a black Harley T-shirt and wristband, he looks younger than his 51 years.

He says he inherited his passion for motorbikes from his father and has loved them since he was a child. “I have had a Harley since I was 21,” he tells me. “After so many years they become part of you.”

He started La Poderosa Tours over a year ago, to share his love of Cuba and motorbikes. The name is a tribute to La Poderosa II (the name means powerful), the Norton bike on which his father and friend Alberto Granado rode for nine months across South America in 1952, a trip recorded in Che’s book The Motorcycle Diaries.

La Poderosa Tours