Brandon Melton

Brandon Melton / Hendersonville, North Carolina/USA

Three years ago, I toured Cuba with Che Guevara’s youngest son, Ernesto (“Che’s Kid Hits the Road”). Along with Ernesto’s closest friend, Camilo and our incomparable tour guide, Inalvis (“rhymes with Elvis”, Ina would say), five Americans and four Europeans rode new Harley Davidson motorcycles through the beautiful Cuban countryside for seven days. It was glorious. Ernesto and his team could not have been more competent and helpful nor the Cuban people more warm and welcoming. In a packed hotel bar in the beautiful city of Trinidad, I watched the first quarter of the Super Bowl (in Spanish, of course) where my beloved Patriots were trailing Atlanta 28-0. After many inquiries over the next few days, I was shocked (and elated) to learn that New England had won the game. Thank you, Ernesto and the team at Poderosa Tours. Riding a Harley across Cuba is the only “once-in-a-lifetime experience” I intend to do again someday.

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